Big news of you're a Typescript fan!!! Typescript 2.0 is out. The annoucements is availble here.

It can be easily installed with NPM :

npm install -g typescript@2.0

or you can grab it via nuget (make sure VS has upate 3 already installed).

Many new features have been added to the language:

Give it a try through the tutorial or directly in the playground


So after installing the new version of ASP.NET Core I wanted to try out the new CLI so I started a command prompt ran "yo aspnet" made all the simple choices and then I got a template setup and a list of instructions on what to do next. All good!!!

But something caught my eye a little message stating that bower is not recognized as an internal or external command....weird but everything else was looking good so I looked around some and discovered that well ... bower was not installed on my machine. So a quick "npm install -g bower" and then re-did that whole "yo aspnet" ...no more errors...great !!

Still can't figure out how come Bower was not installed on that machine, but anyways not it works and all the dotnet command also, which by the wat I think make more sense than what was previously available.

If you were like me and did not upgrade to the latest bits of ASP.NET Core (lack of time...), and we're still on RC2 you will be sorry when October 31st comes around. Following this annoucement on their github repo, as of October 31st if you did not upgrade to at least RTM, DNX will no longer be supported so you can expect build failures of all kind.

No worries !!!

On September 13th the team released a minor patch to version 1.0 so now the current version is 1.0.1.

As always the easiest way to update is to make sure you have the latest from getasp.net. By following the instructions in step you are sure to be on latest versions


Alright so today I needed to do some debugging on a website that was deployed on Azure since I could not reproduce the bug locally. Using Visual Studio I was able to get my debug session running in seconds. Here's how I did it:

  • Using the Server Explorer view I connected to my Azure Subscription
  • Right-click on the website that needs debugging and chose Attache Debugger
  • VS got to work........... for some time then it started telling me that my DLLs would not disassembly since they were not PDBs found (side note...when deploying a website with Azure CD it always use Release environment)
  • Went back to the portal and added this app settings: SCM_BUILD_ARGS => /p:Configuration=Debug
  • Went to the deployment blade and from the active deployment I clicked redeploy
After the re-deployment was finished I attached the debugger the same way I did before and that was it.... I could see exactly that thing I forgot to write a unit test for :(. Gotta go fix it now

until then




I know this subject has been covered extensively, but I wanted to do a simple how to, for the fact that it is … simple.


New Azure Website

In Azure when creating a new CUSTOM website, you will find a checkbox at the bottom "Publish from source control"…check it. This will give you the option of choosing your source control provider, after choosing your provider depending, on which on it is (in my case Github or Bitbucket), then select the repository and then you must select which branch you want this website to be on.

That's it!

If by mistake you chose the quick create …no worries goto Existing website.

Existing Website

From the dashboard of an existing website look for "Set up deployment from source control", click it. You will then have to choose which one is your provider, depending on which it is (in my case Github or Bitbucket), then select the repository and then you must select which branch you want this website to be on.

That's it!

Once your website is setup for source control deployment, ANY commit that you do in this repositor/branch will now trigger a deployment of your website.