Alright so today I needed to do some debugging on a website that was deployed on Azure since I could not reproduce the bug locally. Using Visual Studio I was able to get my debug session running in seconds. Here's how I did it:

  • Using the Server Explorer view I connected to my Azure Subscription
  • Right-click on the website that needs debugging and chose Attache Debugger
  • VS got to work........... for some time then it started telling me that my DLLs would not disassembly since they were not PDBs found (side note...when deploying a website with Azure CD it always use Release environment)
  • Went back to the portal and added this app settings: SCM_BUILD_ARGS => /p:Configuration=Debug
  • Went to the deployment blade and from the active deployment I clicked redeploy
After the re-deployment was finished I attached the debugger the same way I did before and that was it.... I could see exactly that thing I forgot to write a unit test for :(. Gotta go fix it now

until then