If some of you (yes you) we're wondering what was happening with my blog besides some annoucements for @msdevmtl and a few other, here is the quick answer: I got it with the "I'm phony" or the imposter syndrome bug ...hardand I froze!

Little back story on myself

I've been co-organizer for @msdevmtl (http://www.meetup.com/msdevmtl/) for the last 3 years and I just love it, whether I'm doing a session, the welcome intro or attendance at the door it's loads of fun and the entire team is amazing. We are a user group focused on all Microsoft technologies (hence the ms) aimed at developer(the dev part).... based in Montreal(the m...yeah ok I'm sure you figured it out!). So..... after getting myself accustomed to the group and doing a few presentations I was told by this guy named Guy Barrette that I should start blogging and that it would be a good thing, so I did. At first it felt a hard, but the more I did it the easier it got!

Then on the morning of January 1st 2015 I got an email I was waiting for ..... I had been named a Microsoft MVP for ASP.NET/IIS.... I was on top of the world (well my little world at least). A few hours later, as I was going to update my blog to represent that fact (being an MVP, have the MVP badge, do the proper blog entry to thank everyone,....) and it hit me, HARD.... I was now in the same group as these guys @filip_woj, @tjoudeh, @darrel_miller and lots more.....whoa talk about elite!

So of course, that blog entry and the updates to my blog we're never made. I just felt like an imposter, how could I be part of this group, with these guys. I decided to wait a few days to shake it off. Days got to weeks and weeks transformed into months..... until now!

As of now (like today august 19th 2015)

I now think (I should say believe...more self-confidence right?), that I do belong in this group (ok not yet the elite part, but at least in the group). What happened for it to change? First, I'm back at the GSoft office, the company I work with (they are such a great group that I don't considering it "working for" but more "working with"). I also had a very long talk with Darrell Miller back in March during a Montreal MVP get-together and throughout this period I could always count on Guy to remind me to blog, getting me involved as a speaker in MS activities (Azure bootcamp, Web camp) and just general chit-chat. Also I read and re-read those two blog post from Scott Hanselman about being phony and the imposter syndrome and realized that it was not uncommon and that I should must continue what I was doing and just keep getting better at it.

In the coming days this is what I plan on doing:
  • Add more info about me...like the MVP badge, the twitter thing on the side, heck maybe a picture of me (you've been warned)
  • get back to blogging...and have fun while doing it
  • put together at least on presentation for @msdevmtl (ok this one may take more than a few days...but it's in my todo)
If you come back in a few days and nothing has changed....call me out on it! I'll make it easy for you: @matrichard5

The belated thanks

I would like to thank all of those that have been involved with @msdevmtl, @GuyBarrette for the continuous pushing, my family for those times I'm spacing out thinking about code and of course GSoft who has given me every opportunity to achieve this goal.

Until my next blog post.