Today after watching vsConnect(); I decided that I would get the new Update 4 for Visual studio 2013 that’s been released. After watching a demo I also wanted the new bits for the Apache Cordova visual studio tools. I already had CTP2 installed, so I went ahead and installed Update 4 then tried my luck at finding CTP3…….. which was not an easy task. Then I noticed something nice in the New Project templates for Multi-Device Hybrid Apps, I could create a new project to update the tools. Heck that’s what I’m trying to do so I selected that option and it launched my browser to this URL : http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=403005 and then it started to download the CTP 3 installer …nice. Or so I thought, it turns out that before installing Update 4 I should have uninstalled CTP 2, now I get a Setup block with the message that states something like “You must use the console to uninstall CTP 2 more info here : http://support.microsoft.com/kb/3014133. This page will give you a nice and easy step by step (3 steps) on how to uninstall CTP2 and install CTP3. It even provides the nice command to run in an admin console :

"%ProgramData%\Package Cache\{dea88246-f74a-4171-ad6c-d9c978bf2973}\vs2013mda_0.1.exe" /uninstall /passive /force /burn.ignoredependencies={53d408db-eb91-43fb-9d8f-167681c19763};vsupdate_KB2829760

If you don’t want to end up hitting your head against a wall like I did for a few hours make sure you copy/paste as it is shown…. those “ at the beginning are crucial :D

After putting those double quotes where they are supposed to be it’s uninstalling as I write this blog post.